XS650 Chop as Featured in AWOL.
Featured in AWOL. This is the caption from the photo.

This is Andy Field's XS650, Says he, "In the mid 80's I was married and running a black XS650 lowrider and I started to put together a second XS for the missus, but after a really lousy winters riding, we sold mine (see Streetshots Vol2 No9 p39) and flogged hers, 70% complete to a friend of a friend, 6 or 7 years on, I'm divorced and moved to the same town as this friend, I walked into his garage, and there's the Yam, still unfinished, a bit of arm twisting later and I'm knee deep in chop parts again, The deal was he bought the parts, I put it together and had a free hand to do what I liked to it, This is the result," Nice one Andy, and the shots good enough to win you a free Kodak camera, which'll be zooming its way to you by Express Spacehopper anytime in the next five minutes.