The Skullduggery Crew was formed after a break away from a local well represented click to view larger imageclub called The Pegasus Scooter Club, (internal rivalry and constant ruffling of feathers between a couple of the members meant a few well established scooterists looked for horizons new). Myself, (Damon), Steve Eley, (as he was then), Jaz and Ollie became the Skullduggery Crew, our aim being to attend scooter runs throughout England and generally have a laugh -scootering should be about having fun with your mates. We've attended rallies as far away as Great Yarmouth, Woolacombe, Camber Sands, the Isle Of Wight, Mersea Island, Ilfracombe, Weston Super Mare, Milton Keynes and Sandford as well as supporting many other local events. Obviously, over the past 9 years members have come and gone, but all left their mark in some way or another and all except one are welcome to return to the fold at any time.
As the face of scootering changes so must we evolve. No longer do we ride around on matt black, budget tuned, cut up heaps as we used to. Over the last few years we've broadened our horizons and ventured into the world of custom and classic machines with the goal of setting a standard to be admired by others and of course winning a few trophies along the way. Although we've always been mates, the scooters have played a large part in everything we do and always will. Even though we bicker with each other from time to time as all friends do and say some things we shouldn't, it would be a small minded person that took offence and held a grudge and appologies are always given where due. There aren't many people in the scootering world that we've come into contact with that don't remember us, may it be for good or bad! (mostly good). We pride ourselves on having hundreds if not thousands of friends throughout the scootering scene. 2010 should be a good year for us as we plan to expand more as a club and travel further afield in our unending hunt for new friends & new events. Sean P plans to take Europe by storm in his own dynamic way; Mark H plans to spend large amounts of dosh on his scooter and become a serious contender in the custom world; Steve P has recently bought a Kawasaki and plans to tour europe with his missus and work mates, while upholding his scooterist values; Les P is going to commit to letting me set up his bike for him and actually MOT it, and Sean W and I are going to find ourselves locked in direct competition at every custom show we attend and will be throwing even more money at what are, to all intents and purposes, shopping bikes. Steve C, (formely Eley), has recently sold his scooter and is converting his chopper frame into a coffee table, (!), and I'm sure will carry on doing whatever takes his fancy.

As for the Skullduggery Crew, the overall view seems to be to become more active within the scootering world and become more integrated with the local, national and international scene and those that support and organise events within it. As they say- "life's too short to waste it. Get out there and live it to the full". We fully intend to. Maybe we'll see you at a show somewhere.


Web Links:

K B Paintshop (paint)
World of Creation (Phill Hazell  paint)
Karl Russell (chrome)
Chiselspeed (exhaust)
Jim Lomas (exhaust)
Nutty Boy Customs (paint)
Dave Dickinson (seat cover & leatherwork)
Don Blocksidge (engraving)

The complete gallery of photos online here: Renegade's photos

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