The main questions I am asked about this bike is. Is it a real police bike and where did I get it? The quickest answer is, it is an ex-Italian police bike, advertised on ebay, and purchased through the bike shop, Castle Moto.

I have had a full motorcycle licence for 16 years and have owned everything from a KE100 to a fully tuned 1200 Harley Davidson Sportster. This bike could do 130mph, but not with me riding it!!!

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So why did I choose a Moto Guzzi V50? After returning to work from having my two little girls, I needed a motorcycle for commuting. I originally thought of the BMW C1, as this has a roof and offered excellent weather protection, mobile phone holder, radio and seat belts. Not bad for a 125 scooter, but after sitting on one, I found it very top heavy and quite un-wieldy, so realised this bike was not for me.

My husband has had bikes all his life and suggested a V50, which is a 500cc shaft driven v twin. After seeing this one, with the side boxes for carrying my handbag, the fairing providing excellent all year weather protection and the benefit of being extremely visible to other road users, I thought this would be the bike for me. I have owned the bike for 2 years with no real problems and thoroughly enjoy riding it.

Helen Robinson

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