To the best of my knowledge I've built 24 Reliant trikes, 5 VW trikes, 14 bike engined trikes, 29 chops and sundry other karts, buggys, kids bikes etc.
click to view larger image This is Mike from the ChopperBuilder forum's 70s retro chop. I built it last year. He supplied the frame, engine & rear wheel, while I supplied the forks & front wheel. A lot of mods were needed to get everything to fit together properly.
click to view larger image A Kawasaki KLR650 I built 2 years ago. Very low, very short home-made frame & Sportster tank. It uses GPZ650 forks & wheels.
click to view larger image A Triumph pre-unit 500 I built. It had a one-off frame, one-off springer forks, 500/16 rear wheel and 21" front.  The Sportster tank was painted graphite grey with deep blue graphics.
click to view larger image A Honda 400/4 bought & built for £56.00 about 12 years ago.
click to view larger image Next is a Suzuki GS400 built for my eldest son but sadly he passed away before riding it. The photo doesn't do it justice as it was mettalic blue with a mural on the tank and was stunning. 
click to view larger image A kawasaki 400 twin. It ran a one-off frame & one-off girder forks. Sprayed candy red. 
click to view larger image This is a bitsa made from left overs. A Harley rigid frame, housing a Reliant engine, mated to a Triumph pre-unit gearbox. Honda CMA rear wheel, moto-crosser forks, 21" front wheel, Sportster tank, home-made seat using the ribbed material cut from a Vauxhall Viva car seat. Sprayed in an 8ft sq shed. I should've kept this.
click to view larger image A Honda 70 chop I built for my daughter in 1980. A one-off frame, (no pipe bender then), with Zundap Belle rear wheel, one-off forks, Honda 50 front wheel, Suzuki 50 tank and a speedway seat.   
click to view larger image My baby- a Triumph pre-unit 650 with Morgo 750 kit, slick-shift gearbox, dual plug head, dual mags, Mustang tank & 500/16 rear wheel. The frame's a one-off with one-off springer forks & LC350 twin disc calipers on the front and a Triumph disc/caliper on the rear. The oil tank's also a one-off. This one is for life as she was the last bike my son rode.