Found this one in a petrol station in Warwickshire. Unfortunately I know very little about it as the owner was busy filling up so just grabbed a couple of quick snapshots with my little digi-camera before he left. It uses a 620cc Kohler industrial generator engine. These V twins were used for all kinds of things -factory equipment, ride-on lawnmowers, pumps etc. I’m assuming it’s been shoe-horned into a standard pre-war bike but don’t recognise the rolling chassis. Very tidily done though. Apparently built for a bet to hoodwink the flat cap brigade into thinking it’s a production bike, I think the owner said it’s been featured in Classic Bike. Maybe someone can run a Google search for more info? Certainly looked the part & sounded good too. Watched him & his pillion bimble off up the road on it. Nice to know British eccentricity & inventiveness lives on in the modern World.