Even though I had some help to make this project I still had to strip most of it to make it rideable.
Still a big thank you to Benny and Nick at Boneshaker Choppers for sorting out all the teething problems i.e jockey wheel, chain adjusters, spacers, handling etc, all sound trivial but ended up being quite big jobs.
The wide front end is the look I was after so I'm very happy with that. This was one of those projects that ended up being put on the back burner because with the arrival of our little one these things do. I'm toying with the idea of fitting slightly more hangerish bars but this is the fine tuning stage at the moment.
7 years in the making makes this bike all the sweeter to ride but at an estimated 21 mpg at this point I feel something needs to be done about it but then again dyno'd at 140 bhp which I do enjoy I have to weigh up what's more important to me shear power or day to day practicality, make no mistake this bike is used every day.

Suzi Gixer 1100 bored and ported out to 1152cc
Front end is 16" wide yokes with Honda Blackbird forks and calipers.
Gixer front wheel and discs.
Rear end has a ZXR750 wheel 190/70.17 and disc/calipers
The bodywork moulding and filling where done by Phonefx.
Tank is a modified fatbob by black country customs who also widened the mudguard.
I'm quite chuffed with the paintwork its a one off chromaflair.
And the electrics where all done by my own fair hands.

A hell of a lot of work but worth it when I look at it ride it and look at it some more.