Victory Wheelers rod run
19th August 2009

Victory Wheelers' Run - Wednesday August 19th 2009

The Victory Wheelers rod club organised a run in Hampshire from the Chase pub in Waltham Chase to the Prince of Wales in Sherrill Heath. We were to arrive at the Chase at 8pm and leave for the Prince at 8:30 pm. Any later would have been difficult as the light was fading fast but even though Big Al of Victory Wheelers said many find it hard to turn up at this time because of work etc, there was a fairly good turnout. Now the nights are again drawing in, it’s hard to get that balance for evening runs. 
I took a few pics at the Chase while the light was still fairly good and then we were off. We made a nice convoy and fortunately because we were going fairly slowly we scuppered the local Police's attempt to catch us in a speed trap. Not content with trying to get Dan, (53catalina), from the front, (he was leading the pack), the man with the gun also tried to get him as he sped away, (fortunately only doing about 25 mph).
When we arrived at the Prince of Wales we were pleasantly surprised to find there were loads of other vehicles already there. They were in a bowl shaped garden/field at the back of the pub, so they all looked very impressive parked on different levels. It was packed and it was a struggle to get everyone in but we did it. Apparently the other vehicles meet there regularly and we were taking the opportunity to join them.  Photos here are a bit dark as the light was nearly gone, but hopefully it’ll give you some idea.
By the way, lovely food at the Prince of Wales and seems a nice pub to visit if you’re in the area.

-Chevy Rick


Hi all,
the landlord at the Prince Of Wales holds this get-together once a month and a couple of times a year it coincides with the Victory Wheelers’ meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. As it’s quite close to our regular meeting place it's nice to have a short run up the road to socialise with our neighbours.
I think they were a little surprised when we arrived and filled up the garden and car park. I noticed the Mini owners beat a hasty retreat and went for an early night when the rodding crowd arrived. There were also quite a few cars that I hadn't seen before.
Hopefully I won’t find a little brown envelope from the Hampshire Constabulary on the doormat in the next couple of weeks, but my speedo isn’t the most accurate, (under-reads by about 5mph), and the needle bounces a little too! 
In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to floor the accelerator quickly when I was level with him to make the exhaust pipes rap and backfire on the over-run! 136bhp in a 3 ton car isn’t really enough. I guess it sounds quicker than it is!
Looking forward to the next time.

-53 Catalina