Southampton MAG show 2008

7th September 2008

I suggested re-starting the Southampton Motorcycle Action Group shows after a couple of years lapse when I realised there was a gap in the show calendar for a local show. The first bike show I helped out with was the Ocean Village one organised by the original MAG group some 12 to 14 years ago. It was held in an almost empty shopping complex, intended for the well to do yachting community. The bike show was held on the harbour side with the empty shop units opened up as temporary bikers trade stalls.
Then some of those MAG members became a side patch club, so the following year saw the show run by the Road Warriors with me helping them once again. Then Beaulieu motor museum decided to start up their bike shows, which spelt the end of the Ocean Village ones as we couldn’t compete with their budget or facilities. I wanted to start the shows up for two reasons- one, to raise awareness of MAG & it’s work as the voice of the average British biker, speaking up for us all when bureaurocracy threatens our lifestyle, as well as raising huge amounts of money for good causes. Secondly, I wanted a show for my own selfish reasons -I just enjoy seeing bikers having a great time, no matter who or what they are, back or side patch, black, white, English, non English etc, etc.
2000 - 2002 saw about 50 bikers turn up and only about three of us organising the events. In six years we’ve worked our way up to two shows a year, with a brilliant working team, a nice mix of traders and a great turn out. The Cricketers pub in Eastleigh is a perfect venue –a secluded setting with plenty of parking, a large beer garden, good pub food & beer &, most importantly, a landlord who welcomes us back every year & is more than helpful. He even allows us to run our own barbeque. Obviously, hordes of thirsty bikers descending on his pub for the day does no harm to his profits either! The show raised £234 clear profit for MAG's fighting fund. After spending two nights and days doing the sun dance to ensure an afternoon of dry tarmac & sunshine at the end of a week of rain & strong winds, I’m off for a well deserved rest!

-Rose, (“Nannyogg”). Southampton MAG