Outlaws Picnic

20th July 2008

click to view larger imageA bunch of us, including Steve with his ’65 Chevy Nova & me in my ’68 Charger, went to the Outlaws Rod & Drag Club charity picnic today. It’s a one day, invitation only meet for hotrods & yanks to raise money for a cancer charity, held on a private farm near Watford. During the Second World War it was known as Bovingdon airfield & part of the landing strip still exists, making an ideal 8th mile drag strip.
We met at krispy kream donut shop in New Malden, South West London, at 8.30 and set off at 9. After one break-down, (not Steve or me!), on the way, we arrived around 11. Steve and Scott fitted their spare wheels and set off for some strip action, while I went and got a coffee and bacon, egg and sausage roll, (I’m smart!).click to view larger image

My mate Bob had his old Ford pick-up truck there and offered me a drive, so off I went. Got 20 yards, stopped, walked back and asked Bob if the gear lever should break off as you go for 2nd gear! Turns out he’d welded an extension onto it and ground down the welds cos it looked better. For some reason he wouldn’t let me drive his just imported race car –don’t know why!

click to view larger image1 pm arrived and the Outlaws closed the track for lunch. This is when they put on the burn-out competition and slalom course. Steve entered the burn-out comp and sent plumes of smoke over the surrounding countryside twice. Then came my favourite, the slalom. I had 3 goes and spent more time going sideways and backwards than going forwards! click to view larger imageEveryone who entered this had the biggest grins in the world.
4pm came around way too soon and it was time to pack up and head home. The journey back to London was trouble free with everyone arriving safe & sound, tired but happy. Another great Outlaws event. There’s a rumour that the farm’s up for sale at the moment. It’d be a great shame to lose this venue. It’s perfect for cosy, laid back meets like this. If it happens the Outlaws say they’ll simply find another field on another farm to hold next year’s Picnic. Wherever it is, we’ll be there.

-Dave 2 Lanes