National Motorcycle Museum visit

23rd February 2008

I could rant for hours at the wonders that reside behind the walls of this museum.
From the mighty Brough Superiors, Vincents, JAPs etc, to lesser known motorcycle manufacturers such as Coventry Eagle, Calthorpe, Levis, NUT, (yes, it is a bike. It stands for Newcastle upon Tyne), and BAT.
Five large Exhibition halls packed with some of the finest and most beautiful motorcycles ever seen.
Some bikes to look out for are the Wilkinson from 1912, made by a famous razorblade manufacturer, and the Abingdon, made by the makers of the King Dick adjustable spanners.
Another favourite of mine is the “CopperKnob” a 1930’s Brooklands Board Racer, powered by a 500cc JAP engine and copper-plated all over.

There are so many great machines, so much history, and innovation in one place that it’s impossible for me to do it justice.

Petrolhead Porn. Don’t miss it.

 -Doc, (Twisted Patience).