Kempton autojumble
17th March 07

Kempton autojumble 17th March 07

After a manic and early start to the day helping Andy with his postie round just to finish early to get to Kempton before it shut, we were finally on our way by 11am to trundle along the M3 in his trusty little van. Nige, (Ska Man2), was already there on his “Blue Job” trike and Janie-postie and Dave on their bikes. We got there just before 12 noon to find all the car parks were full and had to go to gate number 6, which took us to the centre of the race course. There was also a Rock and gem show going on so we had to find the right entrance, (typical that we went to the wrong one first). The weather was pretty good for the day -one minute it was a bit chilly but when the wind died down and the sun came out it was quite nice.
Within the first 15 minutes we bumped into Janie and Dave then the next quest was food as we hadn't eaten and were starving. Then we bumped into Nige, (looking very ruffty tuffty), and Simon, (I frightened the life out of Nige creeping up on him). We wandered around for an hour or so looking at various shiny and rusty items, trying to think if there was anything we really needed. On one of the indoor stalls Andy bought some protective clear glasses to wear when riding the trike. The stall holder was fascinated by Andy’s stash of crisp, new design, 20 quid notes, so ended up swapping one for one of his old ones. We very nearly walked away without the old one! 
Then off to the car park we went. There was quite a varied selection of bikes there but only two trikes, Nige‘s & one other Reliant. It was quite amusing eavesdropping on conversations about Nige's trike but all comments were very appreciative. It was fun to watch people trying to figure out where the water goes for cooling as it disappears into the frame then out the back. Then it was  back into the jumble to look at more rusty and shiny things. Andy bought some nice warm socks for those long evenings in the garage, then the next purchase was some new sanding discs, a roll of towelling and some coarse Scotchbrite pads to finish the trike frame with. Pretty much most areas were covered and it was not till the last section, (which we nearly didn't do), that we found what Andy was looking for -some rubber to go inside the lid of his battery box for the trike so bought some of that and some insulating foam, (sticky on one side), just in case the rubber doesn't work. By this time we were very tired and decided that we’d seen & bought everything we needed, so wended our weary way home, via Andy’s home town of  Woking to find proper food and to re-live Andy's childhood. A thoroughly tiring and enjoyable day out was had.