Hampshire Pageant of Motoring

29th - 31st August 2009
Renegade's photos- Saturday | Sunday | Monday | Club stand | Model Jeep

I drove down to the Pageant on the Saturday –very carefully as the gearbox in my old Triumph saloon has a dodgy bearing and makes a hell of a row till you get into top gear. Anyway got there, paid for my 2 nights camping and headed off to find the others from the Triumph car club. Then the fun started –I’d bought a new tent that I could walk into as crawling about on my knees is getting harder these days. Ah, the joys of becoming an old fart. After it was assembled some of us went into Romsey town. We went into a pub that had either Victorian or reproduction Victorian style topless pics. Never come across that before so out came, (you smutty lot), the camera. Other pics taken were blue plaques scattered around the town. Another thing I’ve not seen before was a sign saying medium parking, long or short stay yes, but medium. What next XL and XXL parking?
Back to the event. On Sunday the weather was lousy with lots of rain which is a right pain in the butt. There was still a lot going on though. Lots of auto jumble etc and arena events. I didn’t get to see any of these on the Sunday so I can’t pass comment. I know there was some guy with a quad bike doing tricks and parachutists and a parade of Ferraris, but they’re not really my thing. I like old style Ferraris but not the modern stuff. The mind must be stuck in the past for the cars methinks. I spent a lot of the time going round taking pics when the rain eased off.
Monday started wet -it seemed the weathermen had got it wrong again, but it brightened up around midday & stayed that way for the afternoon. More vehicles turned up eventually which meant more walking round taking pics. There was a nice model Jeep on show 1/3 scale all hand made, even down to little wing nuts, split pins etc. This guy is one hell of an engineer. He said the Jeep police couldn’t find anything to complain about on the model. Got some pics of the guy on the quad bike and the parachutists landing –I did try looking up at the sky but it was a bit bright by then. The expected fly pass of a Hurricane, Spitfire and DC3 Dakota didn’t happen due to the weather where they were due to take off from. Shame, I was looking forward to that. All in all, not a bad weekend, marred only by the damp weather, which was kinda beyond the control of the organisers & just one of the joys of the Great British Summer.



JayJay and I went on the Sunday but the weather was poor -overcast and wet at times so only took a few photographs. Also many vehicles that were there I have snapped before, having covered this rally a number of times.
Met up with with BoopoopadoopGal, Dave Postie and their friend Keith and we had a laugh while sheltering in a nice big tent that had been erected for people to eat their grub.
Chatted with Justine from the Hampshire Bygones club. The presentation of their pitch was very nice. It included two very good condition Portafold caravans which they were also living in during the holiday weekend.
The auto jumble seemed bigger this year and even though the stalls were often covered in tarpaulin because of the rain, people, (including us), were buying loads of stuff before retreating to vehicles to stash the booty.

-Chevy Rick