George & Dragon car meet

20th May 2007

George & Dragon car meet 2007.

I’ve often thought there’s enough interesting vehicles in the Basingstoke area to warrant a regular monthly car meet. As no one else has done this I thought I would have a go myself. The first meeting was set for Sunday 20th May at the George and Dragon pub between Kingsclere and Basingstoke. It’s tough to find a weekend that doesn’t clash with other events during the summer and although there was a well established hot rod meeting 40 miles away at Hayling Island, we still had a very respectable turn out for a first meet. Although a few friends dropped out at the last minute, others arrived unexpectedly to swell the ranks.
As well as my own 1940 Ford Sedan we had a Ford GT40 which stole the show. It sounded and looked awesome with its 302 V8 and 4 down draft carbs. We had a flock of  Ferraris, an Austin 7, a 58 Chevy V8 pickup truck (belonging to Druid), a mildly customised Pop, a VW trike on a trailer, a Ford 100e, a posse of Porsches, one of which was an old 911, a couple of MGs, a Cobra, a Triumph TR6, a Triumph Spitfire and a modern Mustang.
Hopefully we can hold another meet in September with more advance advertising.
After the meet I took a trip to Hayling Island in Druid’s Chevy pick up with his wife in hot pursuit in her Pop. Not many people were left when we got there so we had a beer then off to the Pompey cruise we went. With the weather being so good we had fun driving around Portsmouth waking a few people up!!

Keith (40 Sedan)