Derek & Pat's Beer n Burger evening

24th April 2010

Derek, (“Deadly” on our forum), & his lovely lady Pat, operate an entire fleet of burger vans & spend their weekends serving high quality grub to show goers at motor events up & down the country. These aren’t your average burger vans though. Derek & Pat are both self confessed PetrolHeads & run a variety of vehicles, all converted to cook & sell from. The star of their collection is a classic American Diamond T truck, with 5th wheel & trailer, which they can set up onsite & be serving customers from in less than 10 minutes –definitely fast food. They also own a 1940s American fire truck & will soon be importing a 50s yellow school bus from the States, which they plan to supercharge & airbag, before hinging the entire side to open up as a serving hatch.
They live on a plot of land, not far from Guildford in Surrey, where they keep their food vans, as well as a variety of other project vehicles. Luckily they don’t have many neighbours as Del likes to “road test” them up & down the country lanes outside their gates.
So when they invited us along to their Spring barbeque we couldn’t resist. Pat & Derek provide the catering for many Surrey Street Rodders’ events & several members were also there when we arrived. At this point there should be a gallery of photos of happy diners, munching burgers & enjoying the warm April evening. Taz & I wandered off to explore the various outbuildings full of trucks & cars though & our digital cameras don’t cope well with evening light, so these few blurry shots are all we have I’m afraid.
A very pleasant evening  was had by all though & the hospitality of our hosts was, as always, second to none. Thanks guys.
Look out for Derek & Pat when you’re out & about at the shows this Summer & tell them we sent you.


If you’d like something a little different & vehicle themed for your event, Derek can be contacted at:  


Called in about 7ish and had a really nice couple of hours there.  Derek and Pat have a lovely place with lots of interesting outbuildings.  Walking round the place was like being on a treasure hunt - you never knew what you were going to find next.
Thanks for the open invite both and for your hospitality, really glad I visited.  Lovely burgers by the way.