Dakota drags, Devon.

13th April 2008

Dakota drags, 1st meet of 2008

The first meeting of Sunday streetwars 2008 was greeted by some really dark clouds but by about 9.00 am there was a steady stream of cars arriving.

Mainly the "Hot Hatch Boom Box Boys" in Novas and the like, the Suburu's from mild to wild and then after the initial wave the slightly more serious chaps in Mustangs, Javlins, supercharged Nissan's and Rams.

A drifting course has also been introduced at one end of the airfield for those that like to shag out tyres and wheel bearings slowly (ish).

Cars of interest to myself where the Topolino "Freddy's Revenge", a Cosworth powered Cortina 2.5 litre I think he said in pristine condition and anything with either NOS or a blower or both.

There where many more interesting cars in attendance but you'll have to visit to see them.

I'd like to thank Maggie for most of the photo's.

Yet again a most entertaining day out despite the occasional hailstorm and there's rumour of a full 1/4 mile in September.

Doc, (Twistedpatience)