Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

Welfare Association charity march

28th March 2010

Since moving to the village of West Clandon in Surrey a couple of years ago, I’ve done my best to fit in with village life. My partner, Tanya, is a volunteer standard bearer for the West Clandon branch of the Royal British Legion -& very proud to be asked to do so. The Legion is an association for past & present members of the armed forces & is involved in all sorts of charity work. Unfortunately, their members are all getting older & volunteers like Tanya are needed to help fly the flag –literally –at their functions.
This morning, a re-enactment group from the 2nd, (Queen’s Royal), Regiment of Foot took part in a sponsored march, to raise funds for the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Welfare association. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but basically meant a small band of Napoleonic War fans undertook a march through the village, starting at Clandon Park, the local stately home. As they passed the British Legion Hall, the Legion provided a saluting party, with standard bearers from several local villages & Legion members in uniform & campaign medals.
Traffic through the village is always busy, but especially on sunny Sunday mornings as bikes & vintage cars head to nearby Newlands Corner, a local beauty spot & well known meeting point for vehicle enthusiasts. Thankfully, they were sensible enough to slow down when faced with a couple of dozen foot soldiers in the middle of the road, complete with fifes, drums, muskets & standards.
Although not a member of the forces herself, Tanya takes her Legion duties very seriously & always makes the effort to turn out for these events. I think it’s important to support the traditions of village life –it’s part of being British isn’t it.