Beaulieu Steam Revival

5th June 2010

JJ and I visited Beaulieu in the New Forest today, to see the revived Steam Show.
Steam Showman engines had come from all over the country, from as far away as Cornwall and Fife to take part. Although quite small, it was an enjoyable little event and I’d recommend it. There were a couple of rides there -the motorcycle speedway and a carousel, (the Gallopers), which JJ thoroughly enjoyed! There were also many steam powered demonstrations including a cider press, (of course, JJ had to test the first stage -very sweet apple juice), wood cutting with a circular saw and a rackbench and the use of steam on the farm.
Beaulieu itself was having a makeover too, as one of the demonstrations involved the hand digging of a road in the autojumble field. They even had a fire to brew the tea which was being served to the workmen by a fine bevy of young ladies.
There were some lovely smells in the air -apples, fresh wood and the steam coal smoke which was everywhere -as was the soot. Alfie the bull terrier has come back as a Dalmatian.
Many entrants wore period dress and looked very authentic, especially the rather grand Queen Victoria look-alike. I’m sure the warm weather was very hard on the ladies in their heavy dresses and skirts. 
The recent record breaking British steam car was on show in the museum and people were being allowed to sit in the cockpit to have a photo taken. The guy asked me to have a go but I figured I might not get out again, plus they didn't have a block and tackle to lift me in there in the first place! 
There were other steam vehicles as well:
We spotted two steam powered trikes at the show. One definitely had the makings of a cool kid’s ride. The other was more industrial and seemed to be giving people lifts around the grounds, but we never managed to get a ride. Shame -it looked great fun.

-Chevy Rick