Doro & Kris Camp, now known as Summer & Gypsy since their recent wedding, are fellow Basingstoke bikers. I’ve only known them a year or so but would like to think we’ve become good friends in that time. A very amiable couple, the sort who’d go out of their way to help you if your bike let you down & left you in a fix. Which is just as well cos they’ve just opened their own bike shop. After struggling to find a simple fuse for their trike one weekend, they decided there was a gap in the local market for a good old fashioned biker’s shop. The sort of place that would sell you one fuse or one bulb or a filter or whatever, at sensible prices, & be open when you actually needed them to be, rather than 9 to 5.
Within a month or so premises were found, suppliers located, stock bought & shelves put up. I’ve been sticking fliers on bikes at meets around the South for ages so you may have already heard of them. “Aztec Bikes” are at Unit 33, Basepoint Enterprise centre, Stroudley Road, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 8UP, or on 01256-406789, or at Obviously it’ll take a little while for them to get into their stride but for sheer enthusiasm alone they deserve to do well. If they don’t stock what you want they’ll have it within 48 hours & can deliver to your door or give a discount if you have to return to collect it -how’s that for service!
As well as all the day to day parts everyone needs to keep their machine on the road, Summer & Gypsy will also be stocking Highway Hawk custom products & a small range of clothing & helmets.
Open from 11am to 7pm every day including Sundays & Bank Holidays, they aim to be there when you need ‘em so give ‘em your support. Faced with using a big faceless bike store who are only interested in your money, trawling through mail order catalogues or supporting a local shop who have taken a chance & ploughed everything they’ve got into providing the sort of service they’d want themselves, I know where I’ll be spending my hard earned pennies.
Free coffee & a comfy sofa await you so go & say Hello. Tell ’em I sent you.